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Sacha started in his career as Producer over 20 years ago, when the only way to do so was to start at the bottom work your way up, his first position as a runner on a feature film. As Producer he started in music videos and was lucky to collaborate with many talented collaborators to make some of the more iconic Australian music videos of the 1990’s, before a brief stint producing TV commercials, and returning to the music video scene managing large-scale productions, live concerts and major events for television networks in America, the majority of which was for MTV Networks Latam.

His true passion however, was to make feature films, so he left television, went ‘back to school’, completed the Producer’s Post Graduate at the School of Film and Television of the Victorian College of the Arts, producing various award-winning short films. on completion was awarded a screen agency funded internship program in Los Angeles, including PR and Releasing at ARENAS, TV licensing at Granada, physical production with legendary independent Film Producer Don Murphy and international sales & acquisitions at 2929, Mark Cuban’s short lived but highly successful mini studio.

Sacha returned home resolute on making feature films. He went on and added an Advanced Diploma in Screen Development to his qualifications, as well as being named “Accelerator Express Producer” at MIFF’s 37 South Film Market in 2012. He continued working on the development of screen projects with various writers and collaborators. In 2015 Sacha joined the Vedado Films team and produced his first feature documentary in Cuba. And is presently working with partner Gabriel Beristain to lay the foundations for the company’s filmed entertainment division, developing and producing features, documentaries and television series. Also, in 2018, Sacha co-produced feature film Havana Kyrie, and in his new role as VP of Production at Vedado Films; he joins Gabriel in launching an exciting new slate of screen titles.

Projects involving Sacha Rodríguez

The House of Abraham Phillips

Wales, 1875. A passionate young miner fights for workers’ rights and clashes with his reluctant father until a deadly explosion deep underground tears their family apart.  

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Havana Kyrie

Rossini: Cuban style. A lost man finds passion once again in Cuba, aided by music and the son he's never met.

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The Empire of Havana

THE EMPIRE OF HAVANA is a portrait of the last days of the U.S. mob in Batista’s Cuba, as seen through the eyes of a young croupier who was personal driver to Meyer Lansky, ‘the financier’ of the U.S. mafia  and the architect of the mafia’s overseas empire. By 1957 he has built, under Lucky Luciano’s orders, a vast network of hotels and casinos to house their criminal enterprises…

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The Foam of Days

Four lifelong friends, 'Shiny’ (Elegant), ‘Brute’, ‘Philo' (Philosopher), and last but not least - ‘Nutty’, on account he's a bit crazy,  have been best friends since childhood.  They've always been there for each other and they have each other's back, forever. Their friendship tested to breaking point by tragedy and time, this lads are brothers, true locals of the neighbourhood of Casablanca, their field of dreams, just across the bay from Old Havana.

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Faster Than Light

Josef, an unemployed history academic, has to negotiate the worlds of biohacking, time dilation, and high finance in order to save his estranged brother Harry.

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Fidel Up Close

There is probably no other protagonist of the 20th century who has been as much talked about and as studied as Fidel Castro and FIDEL UP CLOSE is already being lauded as "the definitive documentary on Fidel Castro".

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Effa Manley crossed her legs, looked inside the baseball stadium, and saw freedom! Men underestimated her. Women felt intimidated. Yet, as this story on her life shows, Effa Manley - a female maverick in the world of Negro League Baseball, and the first woman inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame - took her vision far beyond the baseball stadium.

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Darkness Rises

Can the inhabitants of a Fracking Outpost in the bush get away before the sound of an Alien Demon breaking into our dimension tears through the fabric of their souls?

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Havana Samurai

Cuba, 2022. Two men who can't stand each other, father and son, travel in an old Russian car, from the west to the east of the island. The father is an ex-convict, who is going blind and has had to swallow his macho pride to ask his youngest son, a gay artist, to be his eyes to drive the car. They travel with the objective of finding the eldest son, who's 'gone missing', most likely because he's got himself into a life or death predicament. For the youngest son, who's been rejected by his father on account of being gay, and even after he'd given up seeking validation from the old man, his father's unusual request still represents an opportunity to get closer to his father... And to his brother.. And to earn his trust and both their respect, or at least that's what he thinks before they hit the road in search of his criminal older brother... For the old man, prejudice is the hardest habit to break. For him  it is as clear as using the son he loves the least; to find the son that makes him proud.  So, whitholding key facts from the gay son is a no brainer for the old man. Who fails to tell his young son about his brother's actual situation, playing down the fact he's actually hiding out in fear of his own life.... No to mention the gun he carries for "protection"  Without knowing it, the young man is taken into a world of violence and darkness. By the end of the trip the young artist, like a samurai, will show more courage than his father or his brother relatives and will have to take the gun to save his family.  

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Habana Sixteen

HABANA SIXTEEN  is set in the Caribbean island nation of Cuba – Where growing up with embargoes, rations and a city frozen in the 1950s haven’t stopped it’s youth from chasing their own dreams or forging burgeoning music, dance and skate scenes.

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Our Mary in Havana

Mary McCarthy fell in love with the people of Cuba. Hers is a story that bears witness to the complicated history of a country and the unchanging spirit of a dedicated soul who failed in the literal sense, but succeeded metaphorically in her goal of outliving Castro. A 'riches to rags' story of an interloper who becomes the denizen. 

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Untitled DBC Pierre Project

Man Booker Prize winning Author DBC Pierre is penning a new feature project set in Cuba.    

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Famous adventurer and Nobel Prize Winner Ernest Hemingway battles a crippling depression and premature physical decline as he is hounded by J. Edgar Hoover's FBI and the U.S. government, who presses him to disavow his support of the nascent Cuban Revolution. 

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